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January: Perfect time to trim deciduous trees.

February: You should schedule citrus pruning after February 15, the average last day of frost in Phoenix. Pruning can be done through mid-March, the aim being to wait to prune as long as possible to avoid frost damage, but before citrus blossoms set. 

March: Now is prime time for pruning most evergreen trees and shrubs.  March is a good month for ... (READ MORE)

Restore Tree Health

Another problem you may be experiencing is failing trees that can be preserved if an arborist could treat them. The tree service employs arborists that will examine your trees. If they can be saved with deep root fertilization, that is a treatment they are qualified to provide. In a matter of a few weeks your trees will spring to life and become revitalized.

At Tree Trimming Phoenix our expert arborists  will keep the premises looking curb attractive with Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Trimming, Tree Fertilization, and whatever else needs to be done. Having the proper expert in this field means that the work will be done efficiently and will compliment the entire property.

 Tree Services should not be just a onetime occurrence. At very little expense, it is possible to have a regular maintenance program that will keep the area attractive at all times. People engaged in this type of work are well aware of different types of trees and what care is needed to keep them healthy and looking attractive.

With fertilization of trees, for example, companies experienced in this area know that growing trees must be fertilized on a regular basis throughout the year. In the summer and early spring months nitrogen based fertilizer is applied. With older trees, this is done approximately once a year.

Companies specializing in this work have highly qualified and experienced personnel who are well aware of proper tree maintenance and will provide the proper care to keep an area attractive at all times.