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January: Perfect time to trim deciduous trees.

February: You should schedule citrus pruning after February 15, the average last day of frost in Phoenix. Pruning can be done through mid-March, the aim being to wait to prune as long as possible to avoid frost damage, but before citrus blossoms set. 

March: Now is prime time for pruning most evergreen trees and shrubs.  March is a good month for ... (READ MORE)

Our Gilbert Tree Removal Eliminates Tree Problems

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed? Many property owners think they can do it on their own. But tree removal is dangerous and if not done correctly, can expose you to injury and legal liability. Gilbert Tree Removal is a fully Bonded and insured company. Our specialists know how to remove a tree safely without risk to you or your neighbors property. Once the tree has been removed and our experts have ground the stump you will never know that a tree was there.

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Get Rid of Termites

You could have a concern about termites, especially if your home has been recently treated. The last thing you want is for a dying tree to become a haven for more termites. Tree removal or stump grinding could help alleviate the problem.

Remove Branches Blocking Your Views and Your Neighbors’ Views

You may also have trees with rambling branches that currently block your views from your windows or driveway. This could be problematic when you are entering or exiting your driveway. The branches may be creating problems for your neighbors, causing blocked views or hindering other activities they may engage in. Tree trimming may be desperately needed to remove overgrown branches, restoring views and access to other areas of the property.