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January: Perfect time to trim deciduous trees.

February: You should schedule citrus pruning after February 15, the average last day of frost in Phoenix. Pruning can be done through mid-March, the aim being to wait to prune as long as possible to avoid frost damage, but before citrus blossoms set. 

March: Now is prime time for pruning most evergreen trees and shrubs.  March is a good month for ... (READ MORE)

When it comes to top tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, and tree fertilization, Gilbert Tree Trimming tree service is best in the Glendale area. 

We provide reliable, quality work, and honest pricing. With full liability protection, we endeavor to treat each customer with respect and commitment. Trees help define properties and make them beautiful. It's important to go with a company that knows the value of maintaining trees properly.

Tree Trimming
Gilbert Tree Trimming service knows how to cut and trim trees properly. Proper pruning is key to maintaining safety, beauty, and value for properties and landscapes. Proper trimming can make a big difference between thriving landscapes and brown clumps of dirt. Branches also can overtop electrical and cable lines, even structures, so must be trimmed well.

Tree Removal
Removing a tree can be a dangerous and complicated work. It requires experts with years of experience. Trees that are damaged in storms, or are dead and dying, become roadblocks to developing, and maintaining, properties. They have to be removed. It makes sense to go with a company that is safe and knowledgeable so the job can be done quickly and effectively. It takes training to identify problem trees and offer honest, effective solutions.


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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and removal poses quandaries for property owners. Stumps can become dangerous yard hazards for eople and animals. Exposed stumps ruin landscape appearance. Gilbert Tree Trimming professional stump grinding will take care of the problem. Grinding reduces stumps to wood chips that can be used for landscaping and increases aesthetic appeal. Any excess stump wood is hauled away.

Emergency tree removal and cleanup is available for times when sudden events damage trees and property. Tree Trimming of Gilbert specialize in sick tree diagnostics and can tell you what's wrong and how to fix it quickly and cost effectively. It's essential to know the health of trees on properties lest bad trees infect healthy trees unknowingly compounding problems.