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January: Perfect time to trim deciduous trees.

February: You should schedule citrus pruning after February 15, the average last day of frost in Phoenix. Pruning can be done through mid-March, the aim being to wait to prune as long as possible to avoid frost damage, but before citrus blossoms set. 

March: Now is prime time for pruning most evergreen trees and shrubs.  March is a good month for ... (READ MORE)

Glendale Tree Trimming knoes exactly what does it acquire to be successful within the tree service industry?

 Most definitely, it takes devoted dedication and determination to acquiring a job to be done correctly. When we perform a job, we consider ourselves to be safe and efficient. We will make certain the job we complete has been done properly.

 There are some tree service companies who do not consider tree removal to be a dangerous procedure,  assuming that is as simple as just removing the tree. This assumption is what causes injuries and property damage. So, if you dont want the risk of injuries or severe damages to happen, be sure to hire a licensed and experienced company to help with your tree removal. Call us at 602-507-7738 today for your free estimate. 

 Keep in mind that tree trimming, when it is done inproper can lead to destroying the tree. We are a company that is experienced in tree trimming, and we go one step further to make sure that the situation is done properly. Tree stump grinding is one other tree service that we offer to get rid of those unwanted stumps in your yard. 

As a businiess, we understand how frustrating it may be to be unsure on how you want to deal with an unhealthy tree. Getting the correct amount of tree fertilization is an essential to acquire the best results for your trees health. At Glendale Tree Trimming, we have the knowledge on how much a tree needs of fertilizer to turn your trees healthly again. 

 With numerous years of experience, you can rest assure that you will be receiving some of the best tree solutions in Glendale by calling Glendale Tree Trimming today at 602-507-7738. We offer Free Estimates.