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January: Perfect time to trim deciduous trees.

February: You should schedule citrus pruning after February 15, the average last day of frost in Phoenix. Pruning can be done through mid-March, the aim being to wait to prune as long as possible to avoid frost damage, but before citrus blossoms set. 

March: Now is prime time for pruning most evergreen trees and shrubs.  March is a good month for ... (READ MORE)

Trees are beautiful and provide so many wonderful and beneficial things to our lives such as shade, oxygen, beauty and value to our lives and our homes.

However, to ensure that your yard is maintained, several important tree services may need to be done such as:  trimming,  fertilization, brush removal, removal, pruning and shaping and stump grinding.

Brush removal is particularly helpful because heavy brush and vines sometimes need to be removed from underneath and on top of trees so that trees can ventilate, be free from choking and keep unwanted pests away. It is important to note that this kind of service gives a more expansive view of a property.
Deadwood removal is another kind of tree service. Deadwood removal prunes out dead and diseased limbs from a tree. This is done so that diseased limbs cannot further affect the live branches and possibly prevent the risk of a branch from falling on a car or a person.


Tree removal is another example of tree services. Dead trees or trees that are leaning on your home should be removed before an accident or damage occurs to your property or to a person.
In addition, there are times when a tree stump needs to be removed; they can be a trip hazard and cause damage to your mower. In most cases, stump removal is a part of a tree removal service. Tree fertilization is also important to keep a tree strong and to prevent pests from harming the tree.

To conclude, tree service is important in so many ways but the two main benefits of tree service is having a well maintained lawn and a lawn that has added value to your home.